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Need a trusty freelance B2B content writer to nail that case study, blog or whitepaper? I'm Elaine Keep, and I write many things for the brands you know.

I write optimised readable B2B content to help you capture new leads, re-engage customers or reach a target market. With fair pricing, speedy turnaround times, and the confidence that my work has been referenced in articles from Forbes, Entrepeneur and McGill, to name just a few prestigious spots- I want you to know I'm the lady for you.

So, let's see who uses me and what kind of results they get. 

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Real Client Results

3000% more traffic and hot MQLs

One client I work with receives 2963% more traffic to my blogs compared to their homepage. For context I send them 19,637 visits per month!

Pay me once - enjoy the evergreen content

For a stakeholder management SaaS client, the top-ranking traffic sources are my blogs and evergreen content, with one of my content pieces attracting more than the home page each month.

Blogs mean thousands in sales for a multi £bn business

For one multi £bn business, three of my content pieces are their top traffic performers, with over 1500 visits p/m. I also created two landing pages for them, which attract hundreds of monthly visits, meaning real leads and sales.

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About Elaine Keep

As a child, I was known for creating my own magazines (complete with ad space!) Popularity was my middle name... 

After leaving university, where I studied journalism and media, I started writing funny pieces for local magazines. I became a professional content writer in 2008 working for the UK's largest outdoor brand. I then moved into marketing management with a range of PLCs and tech companies. In 2016 I became the editor of Incentive&Motivation magazine, and after the birth of my one and only child, I became a full-time freelance B2B content writer.

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My Core Services

As a B2B conent writer I turn my hand to brochures, white papers, blogs, articles, presentations and pitches through to event stand designs, wider marketing material and beyond. However, here are my key strengths.


B2B Email Copywriting

Newsletters, customer communications, solus emails and lead funnels.

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SEO focused B2B website content

Site content, entered into a CMS or wireframed with you for a rebrand or launch.


Video Scripting

Content for your B2B explainer video, advertising or promotional use.


B2B Whitepapers and Downloads

Researched white-papers that cover interesting insights and updates to generate B2B leads.

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Social Media Advertising

Socially suited advertising content with brand guidance and tone development


Blog Content

Regular blogs, keyword tracked and ranked to improve organic search

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Social Media Content

Engaging regular B2B social content with value for the reader and your reputation.


Content Revisions

Improvements to site pages and existing content with a new tone, keyword focus or ROI strategy

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Copywriting with substance

"If you do it for joy - you can do it forever." - Stephen King

I get a lot of pleasure from being able to take a complex product or service, to get to the core of it's point of difference and to communicate this frankly, honestly and directly to a desired audience. When this is done consistently, business will come as a direct result - and that's what drives me and why I love my work!

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I write B2B content for almost anything...

Event stands, brochures, banner ads, magazine articles, bios, lead generating emails, cold outreach, price comparison documents, video scripts, award submissions...The list goes on. If it needs words, I can help.

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...But I won't write for just anyone.

"Every man must be left quite free to choose his own work. No form of compulsion must be exercised over him. If there is, his work will not be good for him, will not be good in itself, and will not be good for others."

Sounds a bit cheesy, right? Who puts George Orwell on their website?

Well, wait until you hear this. 

I loved writing for B2B the instant I joined my first SaaS business. Yes really! Because the products and services I work to tell the story of do improve working lives and days, I feel good about what I do. When I know people are getting value for their money and making a wise decision - that shines through my content. 

For that reason I choose to work with businesses who offer excellence in their service, product or as a long overdue market disruptor.

As far as specialisms within B2B go, I have plenty of recent experience in SaaS, tech, reward and HR. I am also best suited to growing SME / global businesses. My clients spread as far apart as Singapore, Amsterdam and across the UK.

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Darren Tracey, Love2Shop

Elaine helped us to craft an extensive series of promotional emails for use by our sales team when nurturing relationships with prospects. These emails have dramatically improved the way we present our broad array of services to those who may be unaware of everything we do. She also scripted an excellent guide to help improve our credibility in a particularly specialist field, which has been downloaded extensively from our website. I’ve been very impressed with the quality of content generated and will definitely use her services again in the future.

Request my portfolfio

If you are interested in a copy of my portfolio, including copywriting samples, proof of ROI and real life examples - get in touch!

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Rates and New Clients

I work with medium to large business clients and at present do not offer services to sole traders or micro businesses. 

I can offer a project based fee, day rate, monthly time capped pricing or retained models as you wish.

Typical prices start at £560 per day. 

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What do B2B writers do?

A B2B copywriter will use words to help get more customers, to engage existing customers and to increase or improve brand awareness.

What B2B content works best?

Regardless of where it sits and what it looks like (guide, video, blog, social), the best B2B content strategy is to have a very clear target, and to write for them. This is the best way to dramatically improve conversion rates.

How much is a B2B copywriter?

The average cost sits around £150 per hour across the UK. You can read more on my blog article 'how do I hire a B2B copywriter'.

What strange tip makes B2B content better?

To write as if you are talking to new colleague during a car share. As the journeys get longer, you would loosen up and add more stories and detail. In the first journeys, you'd be interesting, helpful and warm - and evidently, human. Try it, it works.

How do you become a copywriter?

I studied media and journalism, took a detour into recruitment and Camp America, and started as SEO content writer for one of the UK's largest brands at the very bottom of the food chain and plugged away for 3 years. Learn lots, do extra work, reach out to people, build a portfolio and stay positive!

How long does an article take to write?

A typical 1000 word article takes around half a day for a simple topic, or up to a day for a complex researched piece with optimisation and multiple editing rounds.

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Over to you  - reach me today

20 - 22 Wenlock Road, London N17GU
(Registered address only)

Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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