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How can I help you?

As a B2B content writer I get stuck into all sorts of things for clients. Sometimes that could be writing a brand new research paper, or it could be coming up with a snappy tagline for an advert. Here are some of the most typical services that people find me for. 

Have a special project in mind? I would be happy to discuss this with you. 


A taste of what I offer.

Website Content

Smarter, sharper website content, designed to explain what you do, and why you're the best.

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B2B Whitepapers and Guides

I can create whitepapers and long form content that attracts attention from your prospects. I can help you create survey questions to research a subject, and analyse that data to create a compelling piece. I can also create long form content that subtly leads your prospects to consider your service the very best solution to their issues.

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B2B Email Marketing

I make emails and newsletters that people love to read with amazing click through rates. Whether they are paid for solus, to your owned data or customer newsletters- I can design, write and get them coded, so they can be applied to any platform, ready to send.

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B2B Blog Writing

I create B2B content regularly for brands, SEO optimised and designed to deliver an interesting read, as well as ROI. This is my favourite task and I love writing about all sorts of topics- from supply chain issues to choosing a HR provider or how to reward employees.

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Social Media Content

Don't guess what to say. I can ghostwrite for CEO's or company pages, creating a content deck for you to paste and go - with a steady stream of interesting updates. The perfect add on to bolster your busy marketing team and to feed the content machine!

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Social media Ads

Let me ensure that your ads are eye catching and unique. I will create copy that overcomes objections, grabs attention and keeps people clicking focusing on the main conversion generating words!

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Quirky Content

B2B content doesn't have to be dull! From April Fool's Day content to a fun campaign, I like to delve into my weird side for unusual ideas that get seen. Perhaps you'd like a new way to position your brand and a pack of ideas? Let me help come up with a set of concepts for you.

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Print Content

Let me create a set of ideas for your next print or traditional media push.

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Case Studies or Testimonials

Need a case study? Don't go for the same old template. I'm here to speak to your customers and interview them about their feelings, and to dig out the facts and selling points that makes you look incredible! I can write up the details as a case study that customers will want to share with the world.

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