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Headlines that overcome reader objections will work harder for you

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

When you're trying to write headlines that persuade, it can feel like you're swimming upstream. You know your product or service is amazing, but how do you get that across to your reader in an authentic way?

The key is understanding what's called the 'objection landscape.' This is the map of all the objections and concerns that your potential customer might have about your product or service. If you can address these objections in your headline, you'll be more likely to persuade them to take action.

Start by getting real about the objections people have.

Typically these are going to be one of these things:

- They don't believe you

- They don't see how it's relevant to them

- They think it's too much work

How can your headline overcome this?

Here are some B2B headline examples that I've plucked from the brain box that could be used in various campaigns.

While you could try and address all the objections in one go -"At last, HR software that helps your team manage their HR data that they'll WANT to use - all for less than the cost of a coffee a day." It's nice to have one point of clarity that runs as a thread in the body copy.

Let's break them down.

B2B copy headlines to overcome objections on cost

This is a popular one, and not every business wants to be transparent about pricing on their website. You'll see many headlines focusing on the value you get for your money rather than the actual price tag.

- "Get more out of your marketing budget with our easy-to-use platform"

- "Generate leads on autopilot with our affordable solution"

These are okay but still don't pass the test on people wondering if it's a trick.

Can you dig deeper? Some of these are vague but still feel generous.

  • HR software that costs less than a coffee for each employee a day.

  • HR software for £3pp - with an ROI by month 3.

  • We're the HR software provider that returns your investment in under a year.

  • We cost less than other leading HR providers, and here's why...

  • HR software priced for your MD - but made for your team

  • 82% of most HR budget goes on software. We can cut that back.

  • Small business? You still deserve top-level HR software - without the price tag.

B2B copy headlines to overcome objections on beliefs

Some try and create a belief but forget to overcome objections. Stuff like this....

  • The one HR software that will actually make your team's lives easier.

  • The only HR software you'll ever need.

  • HR software that your team will want to use.

These feel a little bit vague and could apply to anything. These can be improved by focusing on the 'yeah right!'

"I bet it takes ages to set up."

"Huh. HR software is just for people with idiots who can't do things themselves."

"My team hate new things."

"We tried something like this, and it just didn't work."

"I don't know anything about tech..."

Some lines like this would all tackle objections.

  • It's true - we can get HR software up and running in under 2 weeks.

  • Software can't replace you - but it can reduce admin time on dull tasks by 25%

  • Finally, truelly intuitive HR software. Tested on technophobes!

  • At last - we've cracked why employees don't use most HR software.

  • You don't need to be an HR expert to use our software. Here's why. "

B2B copy headlines to overcome objections on relevancy

You want people to be nodding at your understanding of their objection and their pain points as they read. Perhaps they think they are too small, too niche, or too busy. You want to serve up as much user-friendly content as possible here.

  • "We know what you're thinking - your team is too small for HR software."

  • Too niche for HR software? We don't believe it!

  • Hate getting buy-in for software? Read our board-friendly guide

  • You're busy - but reading this could save you 66 hours of admin time a year.

  • HR doesn't stand for holiday requests! Wasting time on mundane jobs? Here's the fix.

  • Wondering how to structure your annual employee engagement report? We've done the hard bits for you.

B2B copy headlines to overcome objections on effort

This could be too much work to implement or too much work to get in touch.

  • Know if XYZ is right for you by taking this 10-question quiz

  • Learn 90% of what XYZ does in this 2-minute video (featuring Obi the office dog)

  • Understand how blockchain will affect HR in just 4 minutes.

  • 1 demo of XYZ = 15 new ideas for your 2023 employee engagement strategy.

  • Ask us anything about HR software - from price to specs. We're ready for your tough questions!

Think about what objections your customer might have, and then write a headline that directly addresses it. Be clear, be concise, and be confident! With a little creativity, you can write headlines that overcome readers' objections and persuade them to take action.

My advice - find your objections today!

It's always important to take any copywriting advice with a big old shake of salt. After all, anything I suggest here comes to you knowing zero about your business, tone, what you've done before, your audience and what successes you've had.

One of my best clients to work with has a sales manager who doesn't just serve clients, but dines with them, has them over to her house and is a friend to everyone in the industry. Creating content with her has been a breeze because you quickly find out what 'those people' like to hear and what they are struggling with.

In short, my client is an objection finder. And that makes me a much faster and better content writer. It's a win-win! The sooner you can find your client's objections - the better!

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