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Free B2B content writing brief template download

What's worse than a bad brief? No brief at all!

While I do take verbal or super short briefs, the work usually takes longer. That's just how it goes!

I have been known to do the same thing for designers - firing off a quick line like

'can you make a social image of a goose on a bike with smoke out the back and the usual logos?'

Not helpful - and when I get back a clipart of a goose with last year's logo, who's to blame?

I've had mega briefs before, but they can also be a hindrance.

It's great to have guidance but sometimes it can say 'start this sentence with this...' and every fibre in me screams 'nooooo!'

So, I created my own brief template for content and copywriting that you can download and use, no pay-gate or email capture - just have at it.

This includes all the bits you need and nothing else you don't - and it's a one pager.

  • Dates to submit

  • Aims

  • Ideal market

  • Problems

  • Feelings

  • House styles

  • Styles

  • Resources

Get your free template for content briefing here

Sample Briefing Template
Download DOCX • 2.10MB

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