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Content marketing resolutions for 2023

Need a resolution? Here are the ones I think you should do - (knowing nothing about you but as a freelancer having seen many businesses say the same sort of things for a few years now...)

1. This year I the content thing I have put off for years

Every year you threaten to 'do video' - but never get around to the high-value productions you have in mind. Meanwhile, Johnny Do It Half Perfect is out here getting tonnes of views on his videos shot on a decaying iPhone with the megapixel quality of a potato or made with a free Loom subscription. Get it done!

2. This year I will...Learn from people who sit well outside of my industry niche

We all keep an eye on competitors and talk about what they are doing- but a better idea is to look beyond your sector so you don't get trapped in your niche bubble. I have picked up amazing ideas from weird places and niche titles. Even a scout around something as strange as 'Fire Safety Monthly' or 'Cheese Chaser Gazette' can inspire.

3. This year I will...MAKE SURE we do the grizzly data work

I don't do data, I do B2B content - but I do see that time and time again, some of the dull data cleansing jobs never become a top priority - and end up holding back campaigns - whether that's for lost customers or upselling. It usually means one way or another, you lose money. If you didn't do something grizzly and spreadhseet-ish last year, do it now while it's sort of quiet you still have momentum and a buzz from eating 3 tubs of Celebrations over 2 days.

Happy New Year!

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